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Hello. I'm a writer and researcher living on Wurundjeri land. My essays have appeared in Sydney Review of Books, Liminal Review of Books, Island Magazine, International Journal of Cultural Studies, and others. I hold a PhD (continental philosophy) from the University of Melbourne.

My writing focuses on experiences and histories of Korean transnational, transracial adoption. I'm co-founder of the Korean Adoptee Adoption Research Network (KAARN), ibyangIN, and the Philosophies of Difference group, and one half of the Adopted Feels podcast.

I work as a product designer and D&I project officer.


Contact me at:


Recent Projects

My art installation, a black cabinet with the top drawer open. For the Same River Twice exhibition
Close-up of my installation at the Same River Twice exhibition.

detour, for the Same River Twice exhibition, Emerging Writers Festival 2022.

Footscray Community Arts Centre. Photos: Matto Lucas.

As if the past is an answer | Liminal Review of Books, 2022.

Curious Entanglements | Sydney Review of Books, 2022.

Whole Bodies | Against Disappearance: Essays on Memory, eds. Leah Jing McIntosh and Adolfo Aranjuez. Pantera Press, 2022.

We met each other with different names | Nothing to Hide: Voices of Trans and Gender Diverse Australia, eds. Sam Elkin, Alex Gallagher, Yves Rees & Bobuq Sayed. Allen & Unwin, 2022.

There are no single stories | Bent Street #5.1: soft borders, hard edges, eds. Sam Elkin, Yves Rees, & Tiffany Jones. Clouds of Magellan Press, 2021.

I want to write how you'd tell it | Island Magazine #161, 2021.

Research (selected)

Intercountry adoption and suicide: a scoping review | with Patricia Fronek for the Department of Social Services, Canberra. Available February 2023.

Merleau-Ponty with an Australian Accent | film, with Fiona Utley, Marilyn Stendera, & David Greenhalgh. International Merleau-Ponty Circle Chiasmi International, 2022.

The Social Exclusion of Child-Rearing Unwed Mothers in South Korea | with Han Boon Young & Yang Min Ok. Springer Handbook of Social Inclusion, 2021.

Theorizing Korean Transracial Adoptee ExperiencesInternational Journal of Cultural Studies 24(2): 309-324. 2021.

Transnational adoption and 'blending in' | The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National, 2021.

Spectral Genealogies | Peril Magazine #41, 2020.


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