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Collaborative Projects

Podcasts, co-host/co-producer:

Logo of the Adopted Feels podcast

Adopted Feels, est. 2019 // web // simplecast // apple 

Hosted with Hana Crisp, Adopted Feels is a conversational podcast on (predominantly Korean) adoption covering topics including curiosity around origins, activism, racism, connection to Korea, search and reunion, and adoption research. We interview Korean adoptees, therapists, researchers, writers, artists, and activists (which are, of course, not mutually exclusive categories!). The podcast was featured on VICE Asia (2021), and a recipient of an Overseas Koreans Foundation grant (2021).

Logo of the Call Me By My Name project, a trans oral history podcast.

The Call Me By My Name Project: A Trans Oral History Podcast, est. 2018 // apple 

Hosted with Lee Valentine, the Call Me By My Name Project features interviews with trans and gender diverse people in and around Naarm/Melbourne. The podcast has released 2 seasons (2018-2019) and is currently on hold. The podcast was shortlisted for the Oral History Victoria Award (2018) and nominated for a GLOBE award (2019).

Research Networks, co-founder/co-convenor:

Gwangjang market in Seoul, with rows of international flags strung across the ceiling.

Korean Adoptee Adoption Research Network (KAARN), est. 2021 // web // youtube

KAARN aims to serve as a Korea-based, adoptee-led platform for research on adoption. Run with Prof Nikolaj JLL Pedersen (Yonsei University) and Boonyoung Han (Seoul National University), the network hosts academic seminars and events, and is particularly committed to fostering engagement between Korea-based researchers and academics overseas. We are currently developing an edited volume. Contact us or join our mailing list.

Logo of the Philosophies of Difference group.

Philosophies of Difference group (PoD), est. 2016 // web // soundcloud // facebook

Run with Dr Rebecca Hill (RMIT) and Dr Helen Ngo (Deakin), PoD is a Melbourne-based group of scholars working in continental philosophy and interested in problems that have been marginal to the dominant traditions of western thought. Our seminars have engaged with topics including queer theory, trans philosophy, Indigenous sovereignties, feminist theory, critical race theory, philosophy of disability, the climate crisis, and the immigration detention industrial complex. In 2020 PoD partnered with RMIT University's non/fictionLab. Contact us or join our mailing list.

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