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Previous talks (selected):​

  • 'The Irrational Math of the Heart: Korean adoption, diaspora, and incommensurability.' ANU Korea Institute Seminar, Australia National University Canberra, September 2022.

  • ‘Korean Transnational Adoptees and the Affective Politics of Incommensurability.’ Asian Studies Association of Australia, Monash University, 5-8 July 2022.

  • ‘On ‘Contingent Anonymity’: Korean adoptee experiences of ‘blending in.’ Adoption Initiative Conference, St. John’s University NY with Montclair State University, 25-26 March 2022.

  • ‘The diasporic mobilities of Korean overseas adoptee returnees.’ International Webinar on Korean Studies. Co-hosted by the Korean Studies Centre, Center for Australian Studies (Yonsei University), and Gyeonggido Government. University of Queensland, October 2021.

  • 'Researchers who podcast.' Panel, The Whisper Collective Podcast, October 2021.

  • 'The intersectional lives of transgender adoptees.' Panel, Also-Known-As New York, April 2021.

  • 'Thinking Trans Embodiment and ‘Homeliness." Thinking Trans/Trans Thinking Conference, University of Texas, Austin. October 2020.

  • ‘Creating Community Centered Content & Expanding Conversations around Transnational Adoption: Adopted Feels Podcast.’ Australian Educational Podcasting Conference, La Trobe University, November 2020.

  • ‘Being ‘Elsewhere’: On Borders and Intergenerationality in Korean Transnational Adoptee Experiences.’ Gender and Intergenerational Issues of Transbordering ‘Koreans,’ Seoul National University, June 2019.

  • “Quiet’ Precarity: Theorizing Korean Transnational Adoption as Migration.’ 11th Biennial Korean Studies Association of Australasia Conference, University of Western Australia, December 2019.

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